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Irinlada Helac - The Boss lady of KA Travel

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

I was growing up in the rural province of Thailand. I moved to Australia after finished high school to further my education in Hospitality Management. I started my career working in hotel for couple of years before changed direction to work as customer service with Medibank Private

Why did you start travel agent business?

It was always my dream as a kid to work in travel and aviation business. I was growing up in a family that run own business all my life, so in the back of my mind is always to start my own business some days. I started small from organising travel bookings for my family, my partner who fly in and out every week for his work. I was a stay at home mum then, and when I was pregnant my 2nd child, I decided to take a course with Flight Centre Travel Academy. Soon after I finished my course, I setup a travel agent company to provide service to Thai communities across Australia that seek assistant in booking trip to visit home in Thailand.

How many years have you been in the business? And what motivate you?

This is the fourth year and is the most enjoyable career that I have ever done, plus it’s my own business, which keep me motivate the whole time. I love exploring ideas and find the best deals for customer and be able to give them advice on many things, either flight, destination, insurance, tips to do and don’t etc. I know many customers and become friends. My job is to help customers to fly back to visit their families, so when I heard a great feedback that’s important to me and keep me going.

Have you had any obstacle? And how did you handle it?

I believe that in everyone’s life, we will face obstacles. What I have experience for myself was during the economic downturn, sales revenue dropped, and we as a business owner always have the expense to ensure we keep business alive. But with our strength and effort, we find a way to increase sales. Customise our approach and ensure that customer service come first and we always available to answer their questions rather than they talk to robot like many other travel agencies. I believe that human service is the best way to run business and where you then can earn the feedback and repeat customers. One thing I always remember if we have faith, if we try, we will always be able to overcome obstacles.

What is KA Travel’s direction in the future?

We’re into the 4th year this year, we have more staffs to provide service to our customer. Our key focus is still providing travel service to Thailand and neighbour countries from Australia. We are in the process of launching online booking tools and soon to extend our offer to customer in New Zealand as well.

Any takeaway you want to leave for new business owner?

I want to say that when we do what we love, set that goal, we highly likely will reach that goals. Do not be afraid of competition because that’s what business is for. Be you and enjoy every moment when you become your own boss and make sure you looking after your people and your customers.

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