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Irinlada Helac

Managing Director

A working at home mom that had transformed home business into a small business that provide personalised service to travellers that seeking for best deal with premium airlines to travel to Thailand and Asia. 

It all began when she booked flight for her partner who fly in and out every week for his work. Then the idea become reality where she realised that the community need assistant with travel service. Irinlada took a course with Flight Centre Travel Academy to further her qualification and setup a travel agent company to provide service to Thai communities across Australia that seek assistant in booking trip to visit home in Thailand.

"I love exploring ideas and find the best deals for customer and be able to give them advice on many things, either flight, destination, insurance, tips to do and don’t etc. I know many customers and become friends. My job is to help customers to fly back to visit their families, so when I heard a great feedback that’s important to me and keep me going


The key focus for KA Travel is to provide travel service to Thailand and neighbour countries from Australia and New Zealand. Our customers can access special fare with world leading premium airlines via using our online booking tool or reach out to us directly"  

KA Travel
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